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Do marketing videos help you get an increase in sales?

Chayse Thompson
Mar 29, 2023

If you are a business owner who wants to generate more sales, marketing videos are the perfect option. According to an article published by Optinmonster, 80% of video marketers said that their video helped generate more sales. 83% mentioned that the video was a great medium to generate leads and 87% said that it helped them generate website traffic. 

What are marketing videos? 

Marketing videos are the use of video to promote a product or educate the audience about a product. The great thing about marketing videos is that they are shareable on all of the major social media platforms as well as display ads, press releases, and your own website. 

Different Types of Videos

  • Educational 
  • Promotional
  • Documentary-style 
  • Explainer 
  • Customer-testimony
  • Tutorial 
  • Before and After 
  • Frequently-asked questions 
  • Customer appreciation 
  • Fun Facts 
  • Tips and Hacks 
  • Product demos and reviews
  • Vlogs 
  • Interviews 
  • Events

Driving sales or service availability is the ultimate goal for video marketing. But there are several other metrics that brands and marketers are aiming for with their digital campaigns. These include: 

  • Number of video views 
  • Total number of video engagement 
  • Leads and click throughs 
  • Increase brand awareness 

How does a marketing video impact sales?

1. Videos Capture Attention 

Unlike static photos and plain text, videos are dynamic and engaging. It is easier to capture the audience's attention as compared to the two previously mentioned formats. According to Forbes, human beings have an 8 seconds attention span. Therefore, marketers need to capture such a short attention span to keep its audience engaged to convert this engagement to sale.

2. Videos are shareable 

Their videos are going viral these days. Videos are easily shared from one person to another. The convenience of sharing videos aid in expanding brand awareness. The brands can reach more people whilst improving its online visibility. As more people become aware of your business, the greater the potential to generate sales. One can conveniently share a video from their social media account, a website or other online platforms. 

3. Better product showcase 

Products are better showcased through marketing videos. As a customer, you are provided with a better perspective of what the product actually looks like without physically touching it. In terms of services, the customer testimonial or product reviews are helpful in encouraging other people to make a purchase. This format is more compelling when compared to a photo or a comment or product review in text. 

4. Greater transparency and deeper trust 

If customers are presented with products in video format curated in a professional way, it helps build product trust. If the company is more transparent with their customers, they are likely to trust them more. 

5. Increase lead generation 

In a survey conducted by Hubspot, out of the 528 respondents, 90% said that they were able to increase leads through video marketing. 87% of them said they believe that these videos have a positive impact on their revenue. 

6. Better conversion rate

In a similar study by Hubspot, the conversion rate is  increased to 80% by using videos in the landing page. 90% of the respondents said that thanks to these videos, purchase decisions were made faster.  Anyone wanting to improve their sales should consider adding videos in their marketing mix. 

7. Improvement in brand awareness 

For SEO purposes, there is a higher potential of your site ranking if videos are embedded into the webpage. Another reason for videos being a favored platform is because it encourages visitors to stay longer on the website

It is clear that video marketing is an indispensable component for generating more sales. But before embarking in video creation, there are several factors to be considered. Marketers should understand the types of videos to be created, the target market and the set goals. 

Marketing videos are excellent mediums to capture the audience and keep them engaged. Invest in learning how to create compelling marketing videos or hire a professional. These videos are helpful in driving sales for your business. 


To sum it up, Video Marketing will continue to take a positive trajectory. Marketers should take advantage of using this medium as part of their campaigns. Video marketing is an integral part in understanding the products or the services being offered.