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10 Brands That Use Motion Graphics on Their Websites

Chayse Thompson
Mar 29, 2023

Motion graphics are clever, elegant, opulent, adorable, and entertaining. Motion graphics, also known as MoGraph, are frequently employed by animation companies, particularly explainer video studios, since they are an excellent tool for illuminating even complicated and dull subjects. 

Large businesses and multinational brands have been leveraging motion graphics to their audience’s advantage to inform, amuse, and captivate them. Let us list examples of how big brands use website motion graphics.

Here are some well-known brands that use motion graphics

1. Uber

The motion graphics used on Uber’s website feature thrilling colors, psychedelic visuals, and slick movements. If you visit the website, you will find some uber-cool videos (pun intended), like the “Year with Uber,” that are evidence of the effort put into their creation. 

2. Oreo

Have you watched the “Replay” video on Oreo’s website? If you have not, you should watch it now! When playing Replay, you will realize that while the motion graphics are childlike, they are not exactly childish – just like its description! It features upbeat energy, playful transitions, and whatnot!

3. Adobe

Without a doubt, Adobe’s video for “” is the perfect example of big brands creating motion graphics videos. The video will probably make you drool if you are an animator. After all, the Adobe video has a clear message with style and minimalism combined.

4. Lay’s

The Lay’s Chipperie video by Lay’s is undoubtedly a treat for lovers of motion graphics. While no one knows why the potato chips brand needed an explainer video like the Chipperie, it is surely one that everyone loves. After all, who would not enjoy the mesmerizing and hypnotic visuals?

5. Johnson and Johnson

Meaning, grace, and simplicity are among the top words that come to mind when you watch the mHEarth video by Johnson and Johnson. The video features pure animation that flows beautifully.

6. Amazon

Have you checked out the Amazon Holiday yet? The video features excellent motion graphics to explain Fulfillment by Amazon. It is a creative children’s storybook rhyme. Not to mention, the visuals do complete justice to the script. Everything in the video goes hand in hand! 

7. Dell

Dell’s Human Error video perfectly combines motion graphics and creative visuals. If you have watched the video, you will agree with how smart, and professional the character-based video is. The video effectively uses negative spaces with little use of color. Dell’s video is an excellent example of an explainer video!

8. Google

For a few years, the world scenario promoted the prevalence of online classes, changing how students and schools interact. Even during the pandemic, when social distancing became a norm, Google’s Google Education video presented a futuristic concept. The motion graphics feature beautiful and youthful illustrations.

9. Apple

Like Adobe’s video, the Designed by Apple video by Apple uses a combination of text, lines, and circles to create a brilliant motion graphics video. Additionally, the video features a monochromatic theme, taking the animations to the next level, accentuating the message, and visualizing the metaphors. 

10. Netflix

Netflix’s Recommended TV video is a classic emotion of a motion graphics video with animated texts, solid colors, and moving shapes. The animations are creative and eye-catching – not to mention the video powerfully uses spacing. It is the perfect combination of spunk and professionalism.


Motion graphics are segments of digital footage or animation in multimedia projects, giving the impression of rotation or movement. Clearly motion graphics are a great way to feature something special about your brand. Big brands have used this technological approach to add creativity and fun to their websites.